Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Won't the garbage men be surprised!

Mom pulled out all the stops today. She opened the computer room closet and started pulling out box after box after box until finally she had brought out everything that had to do with me. Then she and I sat in the living room and disposed of a lot of stuff. And we aren't just talking about the little stuff, we're talking about at least a ream of paper going on there when we were finished.
I had so much paper leaving this world that the shredder had to be emptied four times. Crazy as it seems I am still going through my stuff and finding more stuff to throw away.
Mom and I think that the garbage men are going to wonder what tornado struck the house when they collect the garbage tomorrow. It's amazing the mess we made. There were strips of paper everywhere on the ground. I have yet another box completely packed and ready to go.
This box has some pretty interesting stuff in them. I have special things in them such as stories and other writings from Elementary school as well as Artistic endeavors from first grade and on. Hey I was an artist and writer way back them. Why didn't I see that?
Anyway Tomorrow I have to go to Circuit City and buy a casing for my computer hard drive before coming back and trying to clean my room and pack some more.

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