Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I am doing something dreadful. At least according to my co-workers. I'm listening to Christmas music.
The last few weeks have been filled with unpacking, pricing and putting up Christmas stuff at the store. People have been coming and complaining that it is too soon for Christmas. I say they are totally right, but that doesn't mean that it is our fault. It is a shame that the real meaning of Christmas has been totally lost to commercialization. Now every store has to see who is going to get thier Christmas stuff out first. Much to the irritation of customers and employees.
I will admit that I capitalized yesterday on the fact that we have been putting stuff out. I love to collect snowmen. I started last year when I opened a Chistmas club account and got a snowman snow glob. That followed by ice cube snowmen, a tealight snowman holder and some other snow men and snowflakes. This year I have two snowmen who have cute sparkly blue hats and scarves and another one who changes colors. I love them. I get all excited about them and my family just rolls thier eyes. I also have my eyes set on some beautiful snowflakes that would go very well along with my snow theme. Now I just have to wait for my own Christmas tree.
I know I am rushing the whole snow thing, but that's okay. It's snowing on the hills right now around my house.
But back to my story. I am listening to Chirstmas music. The other day I was pricing some little music boxes that play Christmas music and I was enjoying listening to it, but no one else seemed to be. We also got these singing Creatures that sing Silver Bells, Walking in a Winterwonderland. I'm dreaming of a White Christmas and stuff like that. They are so funny. One's a dog, anothers penguin, and another is a snowman along with Santas, Elves and other Christmas creatures. Yesterday I would walk by and push them to start them.:) I am so evil.
So today I decided that I was going to listen to some New England Christmas music. But who says Chirstmas can only be in December. If Christmas where still understood to be the birthday of Christ everyone in this world would understand that Christmas music should play all year long. The Christmas season is by no means long enough to play Christmas music. That's why my mom usually starts playing it around the end of September beginning of October. It's been rather strange this year to have no Christmas music in the house until today. Mom usually listens to the radio so she doesn't put on music CD's.
Ah and on a note other than Christmas music, Heather Lynn is coming today. She is brave soul riding train out here. We have a week with her this time. Last time she was only here for a few days. Of course we probably won't see her or Clifford much. Especially on Thursday when they are going to go out on the town all day. It will be fun to see her. I calculated the other day that there is only 7 and a half more months until the wedding. Not to scare anyone or anything.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Autumn and Indian Summer

I can't believe the leaves on the trees are almost gone. We hardly had a good full color at all this year. Just when it started getting bright we had rain. I think the leaves this year are different then most years. Usually the leaves are pretty as a whole, but when you put them together they just don't seem that pretty. This year the individual leaves are a lot prettier for some reason.
I picked up a leaf the other day and it had red, orange, yellow and green slattered all over it. It looked like one of those artists that take a paint brush and let the paint drip off onto the canvas.

I love to read. It is one of my passions. Some of my favorite books are ones written by Janette Oke. But there is just one thing in almost EVERY one of her books that drives me crazy. Close to every year her heroines have Indian summer. What I want to know is why don't we have Indian summer. We had three Vabulous days of warm weather inwhich I took the opportunity to read outside for three hours, but I wouldn't call that Indian summer. Just some nice warm days.
I still want to know what indian summer is. Right anyway.
I love how the weather changes here so fast. One minute we have nice warm, 70 degree weather and the next minute the word snow rips through the forcast. EEEKKKKK!
Mom put up the birdfeeder two days ago and already more than half of the seed has been eaten. That usually means that we are going to have a good spell coming. I could feel and smell it in the air tonight while walking home from church. The wind has been blowing pretty hard calling on the trees to bend to it's will. Tonight would have been the perfect night to go for a hay ride with warm coats and maybe a mug of hot cocoa in hand. UMM! Makes my hungry. Of course it is time for me to hit the sack. Sleep didn't come easy for me last night. I was reading an awesome pirate book and had to stop right when their was an explostion and a fire. Should have read the next chapter. At least I finished the book tonight, but the problem is it was a part one book and the book was just published this year. I now may have to wait until next year to find out what happened to the polliwogs Jolly and Munk.
Rats! I need to stop reading books that I can't get them next book to. Someday I am going to write a wonderful story and then leave everyone hanging until the next book. It would serve all those writes right if they read my book and had to wait a year or two for the conclusion. HEE HEE HEE!