Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Moon Eclipse

Tonight was a Moon Eclipse. If you missed seeing it you really missed something beautiful. Next to my lightening picture this has to be on of my favorite pictures. If you were to zoom in on this you could see the crater on the moon. It's so cool!

This is one of those opps pictures that was a keeper. It's heart shaped! And it also looks like a mouse took a bite out of the left side of it.

This is the moon on steroids. Okay it was me trying a different setting on my camera and shivering in the very cold temperatures. But don't both of these pictures look like a whole bunch of moons? The last one almost looks like a bunch of grapes.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has a whole new meaning for me this year.
Every year I find the day rather depressing. Even so much that I would celebrate Singles Awareness day while in college. And you know the women who buy flowers, candy and other things for themselves on Valentine's Day. Guilty as Charged. (Although I never thought about buying my own flowers.)
Well this year is just a little different for me. This year I didn't have to go out and buy my own chocolate. This year someone special gave me flowers.
What do you think?
I've been watching them open up all evening. They are so beautiful.

Friday, February 01, 2008


I realized that after all this time there is one topic of discussion that I have not even mentioned on this blog. Actually to tell you the truth there are two. Anyway, I really should mention the one because in another month you will be wondering why I never mentioned it before.
In March sometime we are expecting a 10th memeber of the family. At this point we don't know the name or anything more about this member except for the fact that the name is Peanut.
We have come to calling this family member a she for lack of a better way of discribing.
WE are all looking very much forward to spoiling especailly because her mom and dad live just down the road from us and we will see them very often. Now if they could just get a house they would be doing very well.
That other thing that will be happening to me (after I go on my cruise on May 25) is I will have a visitor coming from the DC Area who actually hails from Texas.
It should be a very interesting summer for me.
May Cruise and the Bahamas
June Friend coming to visit
July Writers Conference
Who know what else is going to happen!