Friday, February 01, 2008


I realized that after all this time there is one topic of discussion that I have not even mentioned on this blog. Actually to tell you the truth there are two. Anyway, I really should mention the one because in another month you will be wondering why I never mentioned it before.
In March sometime we are expecting a 10th memeber of the family. At this point we don't know the name or anything more about this member except for the fact that the name is Peanut.
We have come to calling this family member a she for lack of a better way of discribing.
WE are all looking very much forward to spoiling especailly because her mom and dad live just down the road from us and we will see them very often. Now if they could just get a house they would be doing very well.
That other thing that will be happening to me (after I go on my cruise on May 25) is I will have a visitor coming from the DC Area who actually hails from Texas.
It should be a very interesting summer for me.
May Cruise and the Bahamas
June Friend coming to visit
July Writers Conference
Who know what else is going to happen!

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