Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has a whole new meaning for me this year.
Every year I find the day rather depressing. Even so much that I would celebrate Singles Awareness day while in college. And you know the women who buy flowers, candy and other things for themselves on Valentine's Day. Guilty as Charged. (Although I never thought about buying my own flowers.)
Well this year is just a little different for me. This year I didn't have to go out and buy my own chocolate. This year someone special gave me flowers.
What do you think?
I've been watching them open up all evening. They are so beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

The flowers are just BEAUTIFUL! So - I'm thinking - could it be - that the lovey bouquet would have someting to do with the DC Texan - who could be coming farther north than where the Texan is now -
but - no farther than the approximate point of six miles south of the tip of Owasco Lake? Just a-thinkin'.
In any case - you should have flowers - just because you are you and most special! :) Sally