Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Five Senses of the Seasons Part IV

It has to be everyones favorite time of the year just simply because the windows are opened, the fresh breeze is blowing in, and the water is warm for swimming. Oh and I forgot the most important part, kids get to be out of school. So I don't get to have summer vacation like the good ole school days, (wouldn't wish it back upon me), but I can still enjoy summer with all the senses.
In most of the Seasons I can pinpoint on sense that is more than the rest of them. I struggle with summer. But maybe feeling should be the one.
You can feel the warm air. You can feel the fans blowing trying to keep the warm air to a minimum. You can feel the warm soil between you feet as you walk barefooted (There's nothing like walking around without your shoes on in the garden just as long as the stones are at a minimum.) Cool water that you are about to dive into to cool off.
Hearing is pretty easy. The wonderful sound of thunder and the rain drops betting on the window. You did close that window right? The sound of motorcycles and screaming kids playing and riding thier bikes. And it wouldn't be summer without the sound of lawn mowers. Did I mention if you listen very closely you might hear the sound of baby birds in that tall maple tree not far away? Fans and air conditionings running all night long.
Sight. The warm sunshine high in the sky. Greeen grass, flowers, the garden full of vegetables, the movement of leaves as the rain drops gentlely on them, lightening that flashes in the night sky, or was that a few fireworks for a celebrations I see?
Smell. Freshly mowed grass, Smell of fresh fruit at the lunch table. Mouthwatering. The fresh air after a rain or the smell of rain to come. Smoke from the grill. I can taste the chicken now.
Taste BBQed chicken, nothing like my mom's recipe, fresh fruits and vegetables, freshly squizzed lemonade, strawberry shortcake. Your first ear of corn on the cob. I so can't wait for July and corn season.
I love summer, but then didn't I say that about the other season too.
Purhaps it is because God made all of the season to show us His power and His amazingly artistry. What better way to bring glory to himself, but through all four seasons.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Up on the roof top, Alicia Sits.

I really should take a picture some day just to prove to people that during the summer one of my favorite places to sit is on the roof of my house.
Yes that's right. The roof.! Okay so it is only the roof of our porch that I have access to through my bedroom window, but still I shock people when they see me on the top of the world. Err I mean the top of the porch.
When the weather hits mid 80's, sitting on the roof is a little hot, but if you know just when to sit you will end up with shade and a nice place for reading or just watching people go by. Which is what I did today after work.
This evening I was invited to a softball game. Although the team I was cheering for didn't win, it was still fun. It was still really warm at 8 when I got back from the game.
This weekend my store is having a really awesome fund raiser for Children's Miracle Network. It is called "Where the Sidewalk Ends" (BTW that is the name of a book and a poem in the book for kids.) so far my store has raised the most money in the region. We are all pretty excited and we even won a ball that has the signature of a very famous college basketball player for the area which we are going to auction off that Saturday along with other rather valuable items. We will also have a garage sale, games, and hotdogs with all the money going to CMN. And that's not all. We have a wishing well for people who want to watch money plop into the water And we have about 20 jars with baby pictures that customers and vote on to say who they think is the cutest. Almost all of them are pictures of the employee's when they were babies. Some say they were too old to have pictures taken when they were a baby so they gave their school picture instead. Maybe they shouldn't have even bothered with their pictures.
Well midnight is actually upon me and I need to put the sheets on my bed. Although I am not so sure I will be inclinded to use them tonight. Ya for fans!

Monday, May 21, 2007

More Highlights from the Wedding and an Urgent prayer request

I decided it was time to put more pictures of the wedding on my blog. I just loaded over 450 pictures onto a CD for Heather's mom. Don't worry I'm not going to put that many on here, just the highlights.
Also My brother-in-law Tim called last night and said that my niece Caylin is asking all kinds of questions about Heaven and Salvation. We have been praying a long time for her Salvation and we feel that it is very close, but we also know that Satan may try to hinder her. At 6 years old many children are ready. Let's pray that this is her time.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Bride and Groom

This is my Favorite picture of the Bride and Groom.
More pictures are to follow, but only when it is not late at night and when I have more time.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Here Goes!

I feel like I should be skipping down a yellow brick road. "Follow, Follow, Follow, Follow, Follow the yellow brick road!"
Okay Dispite all of that I really am rather excited. It's just that I have been at a meeting that was two hours long and very boring as well as the fact that I have been packing. I get going on packing and I remember I need to take this and it might be a good Idea to take that because I might need it and I always have extra of everything so that I have a choice of what I want to wear. Can't blame a girl for that.
I can't forget to take the most important things, Dress, Heather's going away dress, shoes. I could say the makeup is important too, but I don't want to sound like those girls who think they will die if they are ever seen out in public without makeup on. They weren't born with makeup on.
Well I guess I can't think of anything more to say.
C and I leave tomorrow. Hopefully early. With my brother you don't know how long it will take. All I know is that Sleep is going to call my name after having to get up at 6 in the morning.
Now I think it is time to go to bed. Sleep may never come for me tonight. Maybe a bit more than Heather and Clifford will. :)
Next time I write it will be with wedding pictures.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Two Amazing Friendships

I was watching one of my favorite movies the other day (ahem) Lord of the Rings and I had an interesting thought.
I think Frodo and Sam have to be one of the most amazing best friends in literacy. You could say they were modeled off David and Jonathan in many ways.
Here Frodo is about ready to embark on the hardest job of his entire life when his nosie gardener informs him that he is going with him. Not matter what Frodo does Sam won't let him out of his eye sight. Despite the fact that Frodo almost kills Sam more than once and is on a mission that may very well end in death, Sam sticks close to him like super glue.
At one point at the end of the second book Frodo and Sam are walking along getting ever close to their doom when Sam pipes up trying to cheer poor Frodo.
(paraphrasing) "I wonder if we will ever be put into stories. I can just amagine the children saying to their grandfathers, "Tell me again the story about Frodo and the Ring. That's my favorite story."
Frodo smiles, "Ah, but you have forgotten a very important character in the story Samwise the Brave. I want to hear more about him."
"Ah Mr. Frodo, I was bein' serious."
"And so was I. If it hadn't been for Sam the Brave, Frodo would never have made it."

The story of David and Jonathan are very much the same. David was given a mission by God and Jonathan knew that his end would be death because God had chosen David to be the next king. And yet he kept close to David and almost losing his own life to his father and ultimately dying while fighting for his life.
David could have done anything he wanted to. He could have figured a way to get rid of Jonathan any time he wanted to and yet because of everything that happened their friendship grew stronger. David wept when they told him Jonathan had been killed.

I wonder do I have a friendship like that. A friendship that no matter what happens even if I knew It could end in death I would stick to that friend like glue.
It always amazes me the lessons you can learn from stories such as Frodo and Sam the Brave and David and Jonathan. I hope that I can be a friend just like them.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

One Week and Counting!?

Can you believe that this time next week my brother will be married? I can't believe it myself. It is kind of a scary thought. I don't really think it will all sink in until the pastor says I would like to introduce you too. (Shivers)

It has been a beautiful week. It's warming up quickly and soon it will be summer. The Town is starting to look alive again after all the cold weather we have been having. The flowers are coming out and I know that it has to be spring because dandilions and violets are popping up everywhere.
I went to my first dance recital last night. Have you ever watched 3 and 4 year olds trying to "dance" to "I'm a Little Tea Pot?" Too cute. I will have to post some pictures to show you.
I went on a four mile bike ride yesterday. I really thought I wasn't going to make it home. I needed water. I should have stopped at my cousins and gotten a drink, but I didn't. I went a couple of weeks ago and I was in a lot of pain after that. Not so bad this time. I hope eventually I can go often, I am just not going to push myself and then be in too much pain. Especially seeing as tomorrow is church. It would be way too painful to sit with a little baby on your lap. Although it would be better then having to actually sit on a pew. On painful days or days when I am really tired it is good to end up in the nursery. And this weeks my week.
I have to laugh. This is a story that is too funny to keep out. My dad went for a test yesterday morning and he was put under. When he woke up around 4PM he couldn't remember leaving the hospital, eating the food mom had for him in the car, turning on his cell phone, eating toast, or much of anything else. It was the best sleep he has gotten in ages and he doesn't remember a thing.
It's no wonder doctor's won't allow you to leave without someone there to drive you home. You wouldn't remember getting into the car much less running a stop light.