Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Crazy Life!

It seriously has been a crazy life in the last few weeks. Everything from snow storms last week(have pictures) to 80 degree weather this week. Heather Lynn came to visit us last week and brought a 10 foot truck with a lot of her stuff. We also had a couples shower for them.(have pictures) Clifford also found an apartment to live in. It's small, but at least it is a place to live.(have pictures) He got me to come on Sunday and clean his bathroom. It was nasty too. I guess my bathroom cleaning skills paid off because it looked a lot better when I was done. Tonight he moved all the rest of his very important stuff over, got the furniture that he bought and is now offically Not a member of this house anymore. (although he still has a lot of stuff).
Besides all of that we had our Easter Contata at the beginning of the month, finished brides maid dresses for the wedding(have pictures), went to Caylin's 6th birthday party(have pictures), having new doors installed in all three doors ways(have pictures).
I started bike riding on Sunday. I haven't been riding in probably 3 years. My knees are screaming bloody murder on me right now. I have to do it more often so that I can get used to it.
I think it is about time for me to go to bed. Tomorrow Mom and I plan to look for white sandles for the wedding. I am really hoping to find something. All that I have found so far have been really high or really thin heals and I am not spending the day in shoes I don't feel comfortable in.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My New Plaything

Ok, First off I have a good excuse for getting this new play thing. Hello I need it when I take picutres at my brother's wedding.
I have been thinking about getting a new camera for sometime, but I just wasn't sure what one I wanted and when I would have the money to buy it. Well Cliff pulled my arm the other day and I ended up going on Kodak and buying a new camera. It's so much better then my old one. I even got it on sale and with free shipping. It was sent out Tuesday morning and I had it by afternoon. Now tell me that isn't fast! I am now the brand new owner of a Kodak Easy Share C875 with 5x optical zoom with 21 different picture scene settings, and PASM. I can now see my pictures when I take them and if I like them I keep them, if I don't I can delete it right away and try again.
I have been playing with it ever since I got it yesterday and I can't seem to put it down. Now I can take more pictures and put them on my blog for everyone to see and when I get those fabulous wedding pictures I can put them on here and now that I actually got a picture that it is going to come out.
With that all told we are preparing for an April Blizzard. I can't believe that winter is coming back with a vengence to bite us after we have been walking around for days in lighter jackets and some have even thought it was shorts weather. A little too crazy there for me.
I guess everyone ones spring like Easter attire is going to be covered by wool and fleece. Hey and I have a camera setting to take pictures in the bright snow. How cool is that!
Whatever the case may be as long as it doesn't snow on May 12 that is all I care about.