Friday, July 28, 2006

Writer's Conference

I returned from writer's conference today just a few hours ago. It was a Very exhausting week, but it was so refreshing and So inspiring. I met Shirley Brinkerhoff, my favorite Writer, was taught by Ethel Herr, a Historical fiction writer who really practices what she teaches. I got to fool around and have fun with Sarah M. and Hannah G. I made many friends this week. I even helped to bring the child back into a couple of older women. They were So much fun:)
I have so many things squashed in my head right not I don't even know what everything is right at this moment.
I do know one thing for sure. My goal this year is going to be getting a story published.
Once I figure out how to put picture on here I am going to put some of the pictures that I have on here. Until then. Bear with me. :)

Friday, July 21, 2006


Today I am thankful for family. What would I do without them. Of course not all of my family brings me cheer, but that doesn't matter, it is the fact that we are all connected by one fact, we are family.
Why am I talking about family? Because tomorrow I am going to see all of my onions I mean I am going to a family reunion. Most of these people that are going to be there I only see once a year and sometimes they don't show up for years on end. For instants my cousin Brain lives in California. I was just a little girl the last time I saw him and then Last year he showed up. Good thing I knew who he was cause he couldn't figure out who I was.
Heather, Tim and the Girls will be there. I haven't seen them since Caylin's birthday party in April.
On Sunday I am going to do something that I have always wanted and that makes me happy. I know you have already read about it, but I am still very excited about the whole thing.
That means that I will not be writing again unless I come across an internet station and I don't really think that it going to happen.
Today as you look out at the clouds or look at the rain drops that may be falling remember that no matter what God loves you and He is totally in control.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Beauty of Sunset I see

I was driving home from my Mary Kay meeting last night around nine o'clock when I saw something beautiful through the trees and over the mountains. A beautiful sunset of deep purples and reds. Because of where I live sometimes it can be very hard to see the sunset, so yesterday was a special treat for me. It reminds me of how wonderful God really is. He is the best artist and inventor ever and even in my peanut mind I can't imagine thinking of something like a sunset to end the day. Did you realize that the sunset shows more of God's creation. The colors that are seen in a sunset show the other gases that are in the air. Now that it what I call awesome.
Even though I didn't go to VBS last night I heard that it went VERY well. We met our prayer mark of 30 kids with several more than that now we are praying for 40 kids . I can see it happening because God can work in wonderful ways. I am personally excited to see what the Lord has for the last three days of VBS. You never know what the Lord might have instore for all those kids.
Only a few more days until the Writers Conference. I am excited to meet one of the authors that inspired me to want to write. Shirley Brinkerhoff wrote about a girl and the emotions she went through as a teenager mother to be. The emtions were right on. I have heard about her and I have even written letters to her, but now I get to meet her in person. In college I had teacher who would give out getting to know you papers at the beginning of a semester. On those papers many times were, If you had three wishes what would they be. One of my wishes was always to meet Shirley Brinkerhoff. Now I know that I have a wish come true.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Unusual Blessings

Call me strange, but I have had some interesting blessings today. One was really last night, but I count it as today. Writer's Conference is next week and for the last two months I have had a story literally invading my dreams. Last night I could stand it no longer and I finally finished the story. My first long book like story I have ever written. I have plenty to work on, but the fact that I finished a story is awesome. I have three other stories that I have started and just never finished. Still hang out somewhere on one or two of my computer disks.
My second blessing of the day is air conditioning. That's right. That wonderful invention that makes us freeze in the spring time because they turn it on way to early and way too low is a wonderful, grand invention that came in handy today with the 90 degree weather we had. Yes work was most enjoyable today because I was inside in the cool airconditioning and not dying of heat outside.
My third blessing came tonight. I can't really say that it is my personal blessing either. More like an answer to pray. We are having VBS this week. We have been working on VBS also since Easter time as a matter of fact. We have been praying for children. Last year we had a grand total of 15 and not all on one day. We prayed to have 30 children throughout the course of the week. Tonight we had 29 with more children promised for tomorrow night. If we can make a difference in the life of just one child this week of hot sticky weather with moody children will be worth it.
And lastly I am thankful for my soft bed. Because that is where I am headed right now.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

A beginning of something new

I decided I wanted to try something new. Maybe a little more grown up even. I've been on a website that really doesn't get much response although it has been fun.
Awriter has gone pro!
Anyway you are probably looking at the end where it has my signature on it. Probably wondering about Polly Anna. Ya we know that she is a little girl who likes to play the happy game and after winning a doll she falls off her roof never it seems to walk again. I am not that girl. It is my nickname. Strange one don't you think? At work someone asked me what my middle names was because their was already and Allisia at work and she was getting my name confused with Allisia's name. I told her that my middle name was Holly. For some reason she thought I said Polly. The name stuck and here I am Polly Anna or Polly Pockets because I am all of 5'2" My real hope is that it will be more than just a nickname. Maybe it will be a way of showing my happiness in Jesus Christ. I think I will try to thank the Lord for all that He has done for me even when it doesn't seem possible.
So I will start off with the fact that I can be happy for the Job that I have. I could be like some who don't have one at all. And even though I am upset about not getting many hours this week I can still be thankful that I have yet to have to skip paying my school bills. The Lord really has blessed me.