Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Valentine's Day Snowfall Part III

I should take a picture to show you what it looks like outside now. The snow is so piled up that when you walk out the door you feel like you are in a castle or maybe even a fort. People were out and about today, but not for very long and not walking too far. Dad and I drove the car down to get the mail today because it was too cold and windy to even think about walk. 5 minutes was too long to be outside today.

The Valentine's Day Snowfall Part II

These are random pictures of my next door neighbor using his snow blower. It was funny to watch the snow shoot up in the air. Also some of the local kids were having fun on the plowed snow banks across the street.
They finally decided to come in after the wind picked up.
If you look at this last picture you can see the wind just whipping the snow around. This was around 4 in the afternoon. I was out for no more than 10 minutes and I came in feeling like I had been out side in the cold for hours. Thank the Lord for Blankets.

The Valentine's Day Snowfall

They say a picture says a thousand words, well I have 12 pictures which means I have 12,000 words for you . Let's see If I can write them all down. This may take more than one post to do it.
These are pictures of my family and neighbors at around 8:30 in the morning.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wove, Twue Wove!

This is a picture of the flowers my brother sent Heather. Aren't they pretty? He has pretty good taste if you ask me. At least she got them in time for Valentines day. The news had a flower shop that said they had about 100 deliveries on Wednesday and they didn't know what they would do. If I had been them I would have delivered them a day early that way they would be there by Valentines day like my smart brother did.

Well It's offical. It is snowing like . . . Well I don't know what it is snowing like, but it looks like we are in for the long haul. With the possibility of 3 feet of snow I am thinking it is a good thing I am not working tomorrow. Watch this I'll be called in to work anyway.

Hey the Wooly Worm Did say that it would be a middle winter followed by a nasty February and March. Well here it is! Looking back I remember someone saying that it would be February when we got all the snow. I do believe they were right all a long.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

AH Snow!

Yes well Okay you can blame me for wanting snow. Of course I don't have the snow like North East of here. Talk about a lot of snow. Some Places have over 100 inches of snow and still coming down. Wednesday there is a call for two feet of snow here from the Arctic Blast that is coming this way. I may not be going to Tburg on Wednesday. I refuse to drive 74 miles in the snow by myself. Not happening.
But I can look on the bright side. I live snow. As I said in a much earlier post there is something about the freshly fallen snow that really makes me sit back and look. Unwalked through snow can be some of the most beautiful snow. Sparkling in the sun light like little diamonds. There you go. Valentines day is on Wednesday and there is snow in the forecast and the snow looks like diamonds. If you are a guy and you want to give your girl diamonds, but you don't have a lot of money, you may want to opt for a walk in the "diamonds".

Speaking of diamonds. Mom was looking for a dress yesterday for Cliff's Wedding. I can't believe that we have 3 months until the wedding.
Mom and I are starting to do our own planning for the special reception. Something Cliff and Heather thought up for all the people who can't come to the wedding. A very simple affair that I think people will enjoy.

Friday, February 02, 2007


It's been a rather busy couple of weeks. I have been traveling 74 miles a day on Tuesday and Wednesday to help set up a new store. It did it last week, this week and I am doing it again next week. Phew! At least I get $.35 a mile.
Last week I was tired. (Just like I am this week). I worked on Friday at my store and it seemed that nothing was going right for me. My machines were not doing what they were supposed to be doing and I was getting a build up of people wanted everything done right now. So I was in the middle of helping someone when I got a call to come to the office at my convenience. Of course it wasn't at that point so I continued with my customer.
A few minutes after that someone came in for a Western Union. Now I can do Western Unions, but I was so busy at that point, I called someone else up to do it. The next thing I know All three of the Managers that were in the store where coming up to the front.
I noticed them and commented on the fact that there only needed to be one person to do Western Unions.
They all came walking up to me with big grins on their faces. They were hiding something and told me they wanted to present me with something. Out came a frame with a certificate naming me employee of the quarters. Then they asked if I knew because there is a little spot on my pay stub that tells me that I have the award and was just playing dumb and I said I didn't know even though I had seen the spot and it didn't connect.
SO after that bad day, I ended up with something I have always thought would be cool to have and made my day just a little brighter. Now I get a day off with full pay. Now that is what I would call a good surprise.