Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Recapping 2008. Looking to 2009

I don't know about any of you, but I think 2008 was a definate crazy year. Really and for reals.
A year ago at this time I never thought that I would have done the things I have down or even gone to the place I have gone. I never expected to be where I am right at this very moment. It never in a million years entered my mind that I would be engaged and living in Texas.
A year ago I was just thinking about Reagan. A year ago I was thinking mostly of the Bahamian cruise I was going to go on in the spring.
I can't say that I loved every minute of this year. It was very hard for me to decide whether or not I was supposed to go to Texas or stay in New York. It was over month before I realized it was what I was supposed to do.
Saying goodbye was even harder to do. Saying hello to more family that would one day be a part of me was very special. Not being able to see my nieces grow or even see my niece Emily Grace after she was born in October has been even harder.
All the days when poor Reagan has had to just hold me in his arms and let me cry . . .
Then there are all the good things about this year.
Isabelle Mae being born in March, going to the Bahamas in May, meeting Reagan and getting engaged in June, seeing strange new lands west of New York state and learning to live in Texas in August, Emily Grace being born in October.
All of these things in between the hard days helped to soften the blow of the hard things.
God has really blessed this year. Not every blessing that I see what a fun blessing either. Some blessings don't show up when you are having a good day. Some show up when you least expected or when you are having a bad day. The Lord has given me many.

Looking to 2009!
Wow! Tomorrow is the very last day of 2008. On Thursday we will be trying to remember to put a 9 at the end of the year instead of an 8.
I'm looking forward to and dreading what the year 2009 is going to bring.
On April 25 I am looking forward to becoming a wife. Also looking forward to seeing my family again after 8 months.
I am also looking forward to what God has for Reagan and I in the future.
At this moment we are not really sure what He has planned for our lives. For all we know we may not be in Texas by the end of 2009. If that be the case, we will be going where God wants us to go.
I look forward to it, but I also dread it.
There is sure to be loses of good friends and introductions of new ones. There is sure to be good times and bad times. There will be times when confusion is all there is and times of understanding.
What ever the case may be I do one thing that is never failing and will always be. It is that God is incontrol and He will always be with me no matter what.
A song that I used to love as a child went something like this.
"Don' be afraid. Jesus is watching you in the dark night. He is protecting you. Talk to the Lord. Ask him to make you brave. Jesus will hear when you pray.
Jesus is caring for you. Jesus is helping you too. Jesus is always there keeping you, for he Loves you. Jesus is caring for you Jesus is helping you too. Jesus is with you whatever you do.
You're not alone. Jesus is there with you. He can't be seen, but he is there it's true. He is your friend. He'll keep you in his care, he goes with you everywhere."
Ah! A good song to remember during the year ahead.
Happy 2009 Everyone!

Monday, December 22, 2008

My Crazy life between Thanksgiving and now!

Merry Christmas to all of my friends that are reading this.
My life has been crazy since the last time I wrote. Of course that is nothing really new because my life has always been crazy.
I have a lot to be thankful for this year, but nothing more so then the night before Thanksgiving when Reagan and I were smashed from behind by a truck. Those of you who know me know that I have never been in an accident when I was driving the car so this was a very tramatic time for me. Neither of us were hurt although my car had a smashed in trunk and rear bumper along with a few small dents from the front where I smashed into the car ahead of me.
Right now my life is pretty much going to work every day. Although this past week offically kicked off the beginning of our house renevations. Reagan's Papa Kenneth has come to help Reagan's dad put in our new kitchen and our doors. In the mean time Reagan's mom has been busy scraping the wall paper off the walls. (Steamers are wonderful things for getting tough wall paper off the wall.)
Reagan and I took advantage of the Christmas sales and spent money on the wedding.
Wait how many of you with a show of hands can believe that we have only 4 more months to go!
I am so not ready!
We have our invitations. Yah! Now to the gruling task of picking out who we can invite to the wedding, who we have to invite to the wedding and who would come and murder us in our sleep if we didn't invite them to the wedding. It's really hard when you have enough room in the church for about 150 people.
Reagan and I have a lot of dicissions to make in the next few weeks. Around the beginning of November Reagan lost his job. He has been looking every day for something, but it hasn't been easy. Not only that, but because he has brodened his search from just here in the city we live in he has spread it across the country. There could be a very big possibility that moving is in the forcast. (And we just bought the house too)
We keep having to be reminded that God is in control no matter what is going to happen to us.
Keep us continually in your prayers. We need all the prayers we can get right now.