Monday, October 22, 2007

She's a real Gem

She's beautiful isn't she?

I never thought would be able to expierence going on one of these

ships or for that matter a cruise of any kind in my entire life, but as it is shaping up to be, I am going to be on her in April.

That's right. I have been invited to go with a friend to the Bahamas. I am really excited about it. I get to do several things I never have done before. One fly, two go to New York City, three sail on a ship, four go on a cruise, five go outside of the country, six go that far away from home with out family. Oh did I mention I have to get a passport. I've been taking passport pictures for a year now and it is now time for me to get my own picture done. Wow!

I am really exicted about being able to take pictures of God's beautiful creation. I have only seen pictures on sea life and Islands, now I get to see them for myself. I am really hoping to go snorkeling at least once. Something I have always wanted to do, but I have to convince my friend to go with me. I think I might have to get another memory card just so that I can get all the pictures that I want to get. I am also looking forward to spending time with Laura. We haven't seen each other since I graduated and because we live on opposite worlds email and telephone are the only real ways of communication. It is nice to see the whites of a persons eyes once in a while.

I told her there was too much going on in March so we decided to try for April. April is good, very good. Just as long as it doesn't snow.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Failure and Airpockets

I have been talking to a friend tonight about failure. And while I was talking about it some interesting things dawned on me that really struck me hard.
Do you realize that we are so afraid of failing in front of our friends and family that we don't give ourselves the chance to grow or for them to help us? Every day I fail, but I am too embarressed to tell anyone that I do fail. I just try to flub it over and pretend it didn't happen. I am so worried about what everyone else is thinking that I have forgotten the One who is really important and really the only one that I need to be worrying about seeing my failures. But even then I don't need to worry because when I fall Christ is Always going to be there to pick me up and help me stand on my two feet again.
Little children haven't a care in the world when it comes to failing. When is it that we change from not caring that we fall flat on our noses as a baby in front of a crowd of on lookers to being too afraid to go out of the house without first making sure our blemishes are covered with make up. A little child doesn't care if he falls down on his bottom while he is learning to walk, sometimes it may hurt a little, but how often have you seen a baby stop trying to walk because he or she fell down. It's a funny concept because I am more than positive you have never seen that before and never will.
When we are willing to give over to God all of our potential failures, aka all of our bumps and blemishes that is when he can turn around and use those failures for His glory. Amazing.
It's no wonder we are always likened to clay in the Bible.
While in college I learned pottery. I learned just how hard it is to balance the clay on the wheel, pushing down, pulling up, waiting for the clay to balance just right. I also learned that if there is an air pocket in the clay when you make the pot, it will explode in the kiln. Imperfection of anykind causes the entire pot to be ruined.
That's where we come in. We have lots of air bubbles and imperfections in our "clay" and we try to hide it by putting more clay on it hoping the potter won't notice, but our Potter is a professional and right away he can see that you are going lopsided because the hair bubble is starting to colapse. So he has to push you flat once more before he starts to bulid you up and make the beautiful vase He had planned for you in the first place.
Be willing to give up your airpockets to the Potter so that when the fire gets tough you won't explode from the heat.