Monday, October 22, 2007

She's a real Gem

She's beautiful isn't she?

I never thought would be able to expierence going on one of these

ships or for that matter a cruise of any kind in my entire life, but as it is shaping up to be, I am going to be on her in April.

That's right. I have been invited to go with a friend to the Bahamas. I am really excited about it. I get to do several things I never have done before. One fly, two go to New York City, three sail on a ship, four go on a cruise, five go outside of the country, six go that far away from home with out family. Oh did I mention I have to get a passport. I've been taking passport pictures for a year now and it is now time for me to get my own picture done. Wow!

I am really exicted about being able to take pictures of God's beautiful creation. I have only seen pictures on sea life and Islands, now I get to see them for myself. I am really hoping to go snorkeling at least once. Something I have always wanted to do, but I have to convince my friend to go with me. I think I might have to get another memory card just so that I can get all the pictures that I want to get. I am also looking forward to spending time with Laura. We haven't seen each other since I graduated and because we live on opposite worlds email and telephone are the only real ways of communication. It is nice to see the whites of a persons eyes once in a while.

I told her there was too much going on in March so we decided to try for April. April is good, very good. Just as long as it doesn't snow.

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