Thursday, February 26, 2009

2 Months to go!?????

As crazy as it seems I have been here in Texas for the few short months of 6. Yes I have been indoctrinated into Texas life now for the last 6 months. I have two more months to go before I can no longer pull out. Okay so I have already decided that I am going to stay right here. I have put too much time and effort into the wedding and to living here as well as other things.
Our House is almost complete. It sounds as if by next week we will be moving our furniture into our new house which looks like nothing of what it was before we bought it.
I Have a nice light blue kitchen and I am hoping for sunflowers to accent it.
Reagan and I picked out a Chocolate colored table for our dinning room. It is small, but then our dinning room is small too.
We have a very comfy couch that is a tan colored with dark brown leather like cloth on the bottom. Reagan has a blue Lazy Boy recliner and I have a chair almost the same color as the tan couch that is also a recliner. (It has a perfect little hide away on the right arm for putting my writing and books in when I am not using them.) We are also receiving an entertainment center from his parents.
We also have a beautiful queen size bed frame and a dresser (dresser also given to us) for our bedroom.
Our extra bedroom will be converted into an office for Reagan's up and coming business. He has some desks just perfect for the room. Evetually we want a day bed in there so that we can have guests. For now we will wait.
Almost everything for the wedding is prepared. Only the little bits of odds and ends and loose ends needing to be tied up are left. This week was buy plane tickets to NY week. We just have to buy our favors, and other odds and ends of stuff. We will also be printing our invitations this weekend. Roumer has it that tomorrow, Friday the 27th, the invitations will be printed. Maybe we will have them sent out next week. Yay!
As crazy as it seems we have only 2 more months to go. We thought it would never get here, but let me tell you, I am glad it took so long. If it hadn't I wouldn't have had time to do everything I needed to do. I would still be looking for bridesmaids dresses and wondering what we were going to do for the reception.
Here is where I want you all to know that if it weren't for my mom on the other side of the world, I mean country, Half of the stuff I have had to do would never have happened in the first place. She must be super mom or something :) Thanks Mom!
I am actually hoping to get some pictures of our house up here sometime so that you can see what it looks like. I really should give you before and after pictures, It's amazing the difference it makes when you put on a coat or two of paint and in new flooring.
Oh and one extra gloat before I go to all of you fans in the Northeast. How about upper 80's and 90 in February? Pretty nice weather if you ask me after the nasty below freezing weather we have had.