Friday, July 28, 2006

Writer's Conference

I returned from writer's conference today just a few hours ago. It was a Very exhausting week, but it was so refreshing and So inspiring. I met Shirley Brinkerhoff, my favorite Writer, was taught by Ethel Herr, a Historical fiction writer who really practices what she teaches. I got to fool around and have fun with Sarah M. and Hannah G. I made many friends this week. I even helped to bring the child back into a couple of older women. They were So much fun:)
I have so many things squashed in my head right not I don't even know what everything is right at this moment.
I do know one thing for sure. My goal this year is going to be getting a story published.
Once I figure out how to put picture on here I am going to put some of the pictures that I have on here. Until then. Bear with me. :)

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