Sunday, July 16, 2006

A beginning of something new

I decided I wanted to try something new. Maybe a little more grown up even. I've been on a website that really doesn't get much response although it has been fun.
Awriter has gone pro!
Anyway you are probably looking at the end where it has my signature on it. Probably wondering about Polly Anna. Ya we know that she is a little girl who likes to play the happy game and after winning a doll she falls off her roof never it seems to walk again. I am not that girl. It is my nickname. Strange one don't you think? At work someone asked me what my middle names was because their was already and Allisia at work and she was getting my name confused with Allisia's name. I told her that my middle name was Holly. For some reason she thought I said Polly. The name stuck and here I am Polly Anna or Polly Pockets because I am all of 5'2" My real hope is that it will be more than just a nickname. Maybe it will be a way of showing my happiness in Jesus Christ. I think I will try to thank the Lord for all that He has done for me even when it doesn't seem possible.
So I will start off with the fact that I can be happy for the Job that I have. I could be like some who don't have one at all. And even though I am upset about not getting many hours this week I can still be thankful that I have yet to have to skip paying my school bills. The Lord really has blessed me.

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