Monday, July 17, 2006

Unusual Blessings

Call me strange, but I have had some interesting blessings today. One was really last night, but I count it as today. Writer's Conference is next week and for the last two months I have had a story literally invading my dreams. Last night I could stand it no longer and I finally finished the story. My first long book like story I have ever written. I have plenty to work on, but the fact that I finished a story is awesome. I have three other stories that I have started and just never finished. Still hang out somewhere on one or two of my computer disks.
My second blessing of the day is air conditioning. That's right. That wonderful invention that makes us freeze in the spring time because they turn it on way to early and way too low is a wonderful, grand invention that came in handy today with the 90 degree weather we had. Yes work was most enjoyable today because I was inside in the cool airconditioning and not dying of heat outside.
My third blessing came tonight. I can't really say that it is my personal blessing either. More like an answer to pray. We are having VBS this week. We have been working on VBS also since Easter time as a matter of fact. We have been praying for children. Last year we had a grand total of 15 and not all on one day. We prayed to have 30 children throughout the course of the week. Tonight we had 29 with more children promised for tomorrow night. If we can make a difference in the life of just one child this week of hot sticky weather with moody children will be worth it.
And lastly I am thankful for my soft bed. Because that is where I am headed right now.

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