Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Beauty of Sunset I see

I was driving home from my Mary Kay meeting last night around nine o'clock when I saw something beautiful through the trees and over the mountains. A beautiful sunset of deep purples and reds. Because of where I live sometimes it can be very hard to see the sunset, so yesterday was a special treat for me. It reminds me of how wonderful God really is. He is the best artist and inventor ever and even in my peanut mind I can't imagine thinking of something like a sunset to end the day. Did you realize that the sunset shows more of God's creation. The colors that are seen in a sunset show the other gases that are in the air. Now that it what I call awesome.
Even though I didn't go to VBS last night I heard that it went VERY well. We met our prayer mark of 30 kids with several more than that now we are praying for 40 kids . I can see it happening because God can work in wonderful ways. I am personally excited to see what the Lord has for the last three days of VBS. You never know what the Lord might have instore for all those kids.
Only a few more days until the Writers Conference. I am excited to meet one of the authors that inspired me to want to write. Shirley Brinkerhoff wrote about a girl and the emotions she went through as a teenager mother to be. The emtions were right on. I have heard about her and I have even written letters to her, but now I get to meet her in person. In college I had teacher who would give out getting to know you papers at the beginning of a semester. On those papers many times were, If you had three wishes what would they be. One of my wishes was always to meet Shirley Brinkerhoff. Now I know that I have a wish come true.

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