Saturday, May 05, 2007

One Week and Counting!?

Can you believe that this time next week my brother will be married? I can't believe it myself. It is kind of a scary thought. I don't really think it will all sink in until the pastor says I would like to introduce you too. (Shivers)

It has been a beautiful week. It's warming up quickly and soon it will be summer. The Town is starting to look alive again after all the cold weather we have been having. The flowers are coming out and I know that it has to be spring because dandilions and violets are popping up everywhere.
I went to my first dance recital last night. Have you ever watched 3 and 4 year olds trying to "dance" to "I'm a Little Tea Pot?" Too cute. I will have to post some pictures to show you.
I went on a four mile bike ride yesterday. I really thought I wasn't going to make it home. I needed water. I should have stopped at my cousins and gotten a drink, but I didn't. I went a couple of weeks ago and I was in a lot of pain after that. Not so bad this time. I hope eventually I can go often, I am just not going to push myself and then be in too much pain. Especially seeing as tomorrow is church. It would be way too painful to sit with a little baby on your lap. Although it would be better then having to actually sit on a pew. On painful days or days when I am really tired it is good to end up in the nursery. And this weeks my week.
I have to laugh. This is a story that is too funny to keep out. My dad went for a test yesterday morning and he was put under. When he woke up around 4PM he couldn't remember leaving the hospital, eating the food mom had for him in the car, turning on his cell phone, eating toast, or much of anything else. It was the best sleep he has gotten in ages and he doesn't remember a thing.
It's no wonder doctor's won't allow you to leave without someone there to drive you home. You wouldn't remember getting into the car much less running a stop light.

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