Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Five Senses of the Seasons Part IV

It has to be everyones favorite time of the year just simply because the windows are opened, the fresh breeze is blowing in, and the water is warm for swimming. Oh and I forgot the most important part, kids get to be out of school. So I don't get to have summer vacation like the good ole school days, (wouldn't wish it back upon me), but I can still enjoy summer with all the senses.
In most of the Seasons I can pinpoint on sense that is more than the rest of them. I struggle with summer. But maybe feeling should be the one.
You can feel the warm air. You can feel the fans blowing trying to keep the warm air to a minimum. You can feel the warm soil between you feet as you walk barefooted (There's nothing like walking around without your shoes on in the garden just as long as the stones are at a minimum.) Cool water that you are about to dive into to cool off.
Hearing is pretty easy. The wonderful sound of thunder and the rain drops betting on the window. You did close that window right? The sound of motorcycles and screaming kids playing and riding thier bikes. And it wouldn't be summer without the sound of lawn mowers. Did I mention if you listen very closely you might hear the sound of baby birds in that tall maple tree not far away? Fans and air conditionings running all night long.
Sight. The warm sunshine high in the sky. Greeen grass, flowers, the garden full of vegetables, the movement of leaves as the rain drops gentlely on them, lightening that flashes in the night sky, or was that a few fireworks for a celebrations I see?
Smell. Freshly mowed grass, Smell of fresh fruit at the lunch table. Mouthwatering. The fresh air after a rain or the smell of rain to come. Smoke from the grill. I can taste the chicken now.
Taste BBQed chicken, nothing like my mom's recipe, fresh fruits and vegetables, freshly squizzed lemonade, strawberry shortcake. Your first ear of corn on the cob. I so can't wait for July and corn season.
I love summer, but then didn't I say that about the other season too.
Purhaps it is because God made all of the season to show us His power and His amazingly artistry. What better way to bring glory to himself, but through all four seasons.

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