Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Two Amazing Friendships

I was watching one of my favorite movies the other day (ahem) Lord of the Rings and I had an interesting thought.
I think Frodo and Sam have to be one of the most amazing best friends in literacy. You could say they were modeled off David and Jonathan in many ways.
Here Frodo is about ready to embark on the hardest job of his entire life when his nosie gardener informs him that he is going with him. Not matter what Frodo does Sam won't let him out of his eye sight. Despite the fact that Frodo almost kills Sam more than once and is on a mission that may very well end in death, Sam sticks close to him like super glue.
At one point at the end of the second book Frodo and Sam are walking along getting ever close to their doom when Sam pipes up trying to cheer poor Frodo.
(paraphrasing) "I wonder if we will ever be put into stories. I can just amagine the children saying to their grandfathers, "Tell me again the story about Frodo and the Ring. That's my favorite story."
Frodo smiles, "Ah, but you have forgotten a very important character in the story Samwise the Brave. I want to hear more about him."
"Ah Mr. Frodo, I was bein' serious."
"And so was I. If it hadn't been for Sam the Brave, Frodo would never have made it."

The story of David and Jonathan are very much the same. David was given a mission by God and Jonathan knew that his end would be death because God had chosen David to be the next king. And yet he kept close to David and almost losing his own life to his father and ultimately dying while fighting for his life.
David could have done anything he wanted to. He could have figured a way to get rid of Jonathan any time he wanted to and yet because of everything that happened their friendship grew stronger. David wept when they told him Jonathan had been killed.

I wonder do I have a friendship like that. A friendship that no matter what happens even if I knew It could end in death I would stick to that friend like glue.
It always amazes me the lessons you can learn from stories such as Frodo and Sam the Brave and David and Jonathan. I hope that I can be a friend just like them.

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