Thursday, May 24, 2007

Up on the roof top, Alicia Sits.

I really should take a picture some day just to prove to people that during the summer one of my favorite places to sit is on the roof of my house.
Yes that's right. The roof.! Okay so it is only the roof of our porch that I have access to through my bedroom window, but still I shock people when they see me on the top of the world. Err I mean the top of the porch.
When the weather hits mid 80's, sitting on the roof is a little hot, but if you know just when to sit you will end up with shade and a nice place for reading or just watching people go by. Which is what I did today after work.
This evening I was invited to a softball game. Although the team I was cheering for didn't win, it was still fun. It was still really warm at 8 when I got back from the game.
This weekend my store is having a really awesome fund raiser for Children's Miracle Network. It is called "Where the Sidewalk Ends" (BTW that is the name of a book and a poem in the book for kids.) so far my store has raised the most money in the region. We are all pretty excited and we even won a ball that has the signature of a very famous college basketball player for the area which we are going to auction off that Saturday along with other rather valuable items. We will also have a garage sale, games, and hotdogs with all the money going to CMN. And that's not all. We have a wishing well for people who want to watch money plop into the water And we have about 20 jars with baby pictures that customers and vote on to say who they think is the cutest. Almost all of them are pictures of the employee's when they were babies. Some say they were too old to have pictures taken when they were a baby so they gave their school picture instead. Maybe they shouldn't have even bothered with their pictures.
Well midnight is actually upon me and I need to put the sheets on my bed. Although I am not so sure I will be inclinded to use them tonight. Ya for fans!

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