Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another day in the life of packing

It was a rather eventful day for me today. It started out with mom and I going to get a hard drive case for my computer which ended up being the wrong thing so Now I have to take it back. Grr! Mom and I kind of got lost because we are never sure which way we were going.
At noon the UPS man came and brought my wedding dress. That was very exciting! But when I put it on, I couldn't get it completely zipped up. It may have just been because I ate before I tried it on, but whatever the case, it looks like I am going to bringing it with me when I go to Texas.
This afternoon I finally decided that I really had to sit down and do some more packing so I forced myself to pack. I still don't feel like I got very far, but that doesn't mean that I haven't. I am once again leaving the garbage men a present. I got rid of a bunch more papers and other things that I really don't need. Was it two or was it three more boxes I have packed. I also filled up my cupboard today with those boxes. No I hadn't planned on taking them with me. I also did my laundry. Now I can set out my close for the week and pack everything else.
Tomorrow is my next to last day of work. It is also my 3 year anniversary of working at my drug store. We will be celebrating with a smash by having inventory.
I am really looking forward to change. I don't know what it is going to be, but I do know that I am ready.
More packing tomorrow night I am sure.
In the mean time I am watching the Olympics in between working, packing, and talking to Reagan on the phone.
Go Michael Phelps and Shawn Johnson!

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