Thursday, August 21, 2008

The beginnings of a journey

I was actually rather amazed at how much of a good sleep I had last night. I slept pretty much through the entire night without waking up. I really figured I would be up wondering what time it was, but as it was when I woke up around 6:30 this morning I couldn't believe I had slept through the entire night.
This morning was pretty much used to make sure I had everything in the car. I had to wait until mom had the rest of her stuff packed so that I could be sure where I was going to put everything.
Around 10 Mom and I took a walk to the post office and Kinney’s so that I could drop off something at the post office and get my pay stub.
Then at 11 Dad and I went back down to the post office where I said good bye to one of those crazy friends I have made in the last year.
We had our last meal of Spaghetti before Dad took a quick nap and Mom and I made sure we had everything.
I’m telling you, I don’t really think there is anymore room anywhere in this car. Yes I am actually typing this in the car somewhere near Cleveland, Ohio. I love laptops!
Reality kind of hit me while I was holding Isabelle, realizing that the next time I would be seeing her, she would not only be crawling, but she very well might be trying to pull her self up and standing. She will have changed so much when I see her again.
We left just before one after Cliff came home early from work to say goodbye. I tried very hard not to cry.
I squashed into the back of the car and I mean squashed because of all the stuff I have next to me. I feel like I am going to college all over again, except for the fact that we used a van and not a car.
Mom started us off driving, but she only got about 2 hours in when she needed to stop change. Dad wanted to know I would like to drive through Buffalo, but I was afraid we would hit high traffic by then so I went back to my little corner of the car.
Good call. It was way to heavy in the way of traffic for me.
We stopped for supper around 5. It’s a good thing we brought food. We were already making really bad timing and I was feeling suspicious shaking by the car. So when the car light came on and it said low tire pressure I knew it had to be on my side of the car.
We stopped at a gas station where we found the front right tire was a little too flat for comfort. Of course that didn’t make any sense because we just got new tires a couple of days ago. Unfortunately the gas station didn’t have an air pump that was working so we went the other way looking for another gas station and wouldn’t you know we found a service station instead. Dad stopped and asked if he had air and the guy filled up the tire and then discovered the valve on the tire was really lose and letting out a lot of air. If the gas station had had air we might be wondering why our tire was losing air so often. That service station was a blessing.
We aren’t making the grandest of time right now. We are still over a 100 miles from our first stop and it is already 7:30. We had planned on being there around 8. Don’t think that is going to happen. Hopefully we will make better time tomorrow.
The sky was beautiful today. There were wispy clouds floating in the sky. They looked a little like horses tails flying out behind them as they ran.
The sun was a beautiful orangey pink color as it disappeared behind gray blue clouds. I tried to take pictures and put them on the computer, but for some reason the computer doesn’t register the card.
Oh well maybe I can figure your it out tomorrow.
Tomorrow I will be taking my turn driving. Happy times!

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