Monday, August 18, 2008

Of Last Days and Dust

The last few days have not gone the way I expected them to go.
Friday was my 3rd anniversary at work. That was interesting just simply because the store had inventory and the day flew by so fast I couldn’t believe how fast it went. It was over so fast I was trying to shake off the fact that I now only had one more day of work to go before I was finished. I sat down that night and wrote a long blog about my three years at the store and all the experiences I had had during that time.
I remembered all the people I had come into contact with and even remembered all the places I had gone without ever once leaving the store. I even talked about some of the pictures that I had seen that will forever be ingrained in my mind. Some good, some bad. And then the inevitable happened. I lost everything I had written. An entire hours worth of blogging gone. GRR!!
Saturday started my last day of work. My coworkers threw me a pizza party and gave me snacks for the trip to Texas. Yummy! I had a lot of people coming into the store asking me when I was leaving and I surprised them by telling them that it was my last day. I kind of surprised myself every time I told them. I seriously don’t think reality ever actually set in. I didn’t spend much time at all in the photo department, instead I got to do one of my favorite pass times, outdates. Don’t ask me why, but I have always loved to look for outdates.
I was really expecting to have tears in my eyes as I left the store and I was actually very surprised when I walked out the door and I had no tears at all. I personally preferred it that way. I really didn’t want to cry.
I expected Sunday to be another hard day. Saying goodbye to all the friends I have at church was something I wasn’t really looking forward to. I did very well, surprisingly, only once choking up when an older lady got tears in her eyes. Once again I don’t really think reality struck. It was just another Sunday.
Today was just plain strange. My brain kept telling me that I needed to be at work because Monday’s are always days that I work and so not to go to work today just felt weird.
I cracked down and forced myself to pack. Wow! I have so much stuff! I finally did the one thing that I have been dreading to do. I cleaned under my bed. Of course I haven’t cleaned under my bed because I haven’t been able to reach underneath. So after looking under my bed for a few minutes, I decided that if I can get my legs under the bed I could push all the stuff I needed to with my feet. I’m actually glad I did it that way, because there was too much dust under my bed. If I had gone under the bed face first I am sure I would still be sneezing.
So I come to now. I do believe that tomorrow I will be able to finish up my packing and do any last minute stuff necessary before my move on Thursday. Ready or not Texas, here I come!

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