Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Five Senses of the Seasons Part II

AH December!
I love December. For obvious reasons. Christmas, New Years, Gift Giving, family events such as birthdays, Anniversaries, my brithday. It's a good month. I think I will always cherish my birthday just simply because it was my gradparents anniversary. They would have been married 62 years this year.
I was just thinking the about winter. I know winter isn't offically until the 21st, but it came yesterday in a loud thunderous wind. IT shook the house and it sounded like it's teeth were rattling. That is if a house were to have teeth.
It's time for the 5 senses of winter.
I have been trying to figure out some of the senses and it has been hard finding something in particular for everyone, but I think I have them all.
Winter has to be a combination between sight and touch.
Touch: The feeling of the cold wind on your face. The warmth of a big thick blanket wrapped around you early in the morning or while you sit on the couch. The snow bouncing off your nose and sometimes snowballs going down your neck. :) Smoke in your eyes causing them to burn.
Sight: The Sparkling newly lain snowflakes that glitter like dimonds. The white world that seems to be endless. Bare trees, fat little birds at the bird feeder trying to stay warm right in the middle of the bird feeder. Smoke curling lazily out of the chimnies. Grey clouds, and the wind bending the bare trees head over heals. Ice glazing over the rivers, ponds and lakes and the occational mud puddle. The short days and long nights.
Hearing: Late geese flying south, the wind in the trees, the quiet sound of early morning as the snow melts leaving little pitter patters of sounds. The crunching of the snow under your feet. Crackling of a cozy fire.
Smell: The cold crisp air as it blows in a noreastern. Smoke, Evergreen trees, the wet smell of snow. Cookies in the oven that your Mom said she was baking to "warm up the house."
Taste: Snow on your tongue, the tangy taste of wood smoke. Ice cold water from the faucet. The cookies that "Warmed up the house". The sharpness of the wind as you suck in your breath.
It's amazing the way all the senses are used in winter. And maybe it is the glumist time of the year, but here is an interesting thought about it and a parallel with Christmas.
The world was in it's darkest days. Sin was everywhere. It seemed that there was no end to the hopeless dispare of the human race. Then Christmas came. At it's darkest hour a Messiah shown through it all and gave the world the brightness it needed to get out of the gloom. Although some people don't believe that Christ was born in December (and I am not so sure he was either), I think it is a very fitting time for us to be celebrating the Light of the World.

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