Sunday, December 03, 2006

One of my Favorite things

I love Dog Shows.
Okay so that is an understatement. Whenever I find out that there is a dog show coming I let my family know that We Are going to watch the dog show and no we are not going to watch anything else. If I am at the house when the dog show comes on we are going to watch it.
I have been watching dogs shows now for about 6 years, give or take. In that time I have seen dogs that I can't stand (no offense to anyone, but I can't stand Pekinese and I can't stand poodles) and dogs that bring tears to my eyes and dogs that I just fall in love with.
This year was no different then any other. No matter what we watched the dog shows.
I am pretty good at pick out the ones that I like to see win and usually, but not always I am right. Usually I like the Terrier group (unless its the Kerry Blue. There is just something about them that make them so arrogant.)
This year I have been watching a specific dog that just thrills me every time I see him. His name just fits him to a tee. He is regal and down right beautiful. Everytime we watched a show there he was and he always seemed to get best in group. And he got best in show once too. That made me happy.
This weekend was the Eukanuba National Championship and guess who was there. That's right my favorite dog. Of course it was really hard tonight because there were some down right gorgious dogs struting their stuff.
It all came down to 7 dogs: The Mini Poodle (why in the world would anyone call those rats beautiful), The Sealyum Terrier (One of my picks of course), The PBGB (Don't ask me to give you the full name, I can hardly right in english), The Portegese Water dog (Looks too much like a poodle for me to like them), The Non sporting group dog that I can't remember (He didn't win), The German Shephard (Stung female that took my breath away), and The English Springer Spaniel (Another one of my favorites to win).
Okay So have been very careful with which one won Except for the one I couldn't remember (sorry)
Well anyway. Now that I have spent so much time talking about it I guess I should tell you that my favorite won tonight. James the English Springer Spaniel won tonight and I am a very happy person.
Now that I have told you all about it I just realized How tired I was and so now I am going to bed. Goodnight.

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