Sunday, December 17, 2006

One Week to go!

Are you ready for Christmas?
I hope so because it is one week away. :)
I feel like a child when it comes to Christmas. I love everything about Christmas except maybe wraping my dad's presents for him. (I ask him every year what he is going to do when I am gone and he is going to have to wrap his own presents to my mom. He always tells me that he is going to get me to come home just before Christmas and wrap then all or take them to me. HAa!)
Happily I have finished my Christmas shopping for the year. That is very rare for me.
Now to get them wrapped.
I must confess that I had added to my snowman collection. I now have 13. Now for a White Christmas.
The pictures that you see on the last post were taken a week ago and as you can see there is snow on the ground. Now if you look outside all you will see is brown and green. It may end up being a warm Christmas rather then a snowy one. But if this summer tells us anything as to how it is going to be this winter we may be in for more snow than we really want. I guess if you live in the North you are going to be hit with snow. It's just a fact of life.

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