Saturday, December 09, 2006

Creative Fingers

I have had a really strange thing happen to me this week. I have been overly creative. I have always been able to do Crafty things when someone show me how to do it, but this week I have had one of those cravings to Create and decorate.
I started out by decorating my front porch. I put Garland and Red bows around the rails like I did last year, but I wanted something a little more so I bought flowers and took some old ribbons from flower arrangements and made my own arrangements and put them on the rails too.
Then I took Purple and Silver Pointsetta's and put them with a big Purple bow and ceder branches from out back on the door.
Then to top it off I today I decorated the inside stairs with more green garland, flowers, bows and Lights. And you want to know the amazing part? It all looks really good. I think I shocked myself.
I spent the afternoon at the big mall today.
There were people EVERYWhere
There were some places that I wanted to go, but the stores were so small and there were so many people that it was crazy.
I Felt like Cattle being herded along. It almost felt like being back at school. It was fun because I spent it with the family.
If I can ever figure out how to get these pictures off my card I'll share them on here. That is if I can figure that one out too.
Until then You will just have to imagine what I decorated. I am kind of excited about that as you can tell. Maybe there is a little hope of an artist in me yet.

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