Monday, December 03, 2007

You can blame it on me!

I Love Snow.
Mostly I love the first real snow storm with lots of beautiful white, sparkling snow.
I really love it when the snow storm comes around the week of my birthday.
Every year I wish for it and most years I am disappointed with just mud and brown grass.
This year I got my birthday wish. Snow and lots of it.
It's beautiful! I just love it because it gets me into the mood for Christmas. Okay so I have been in the mood for Christmas since Thanksgiving, but really If you know me you know that I love to sing "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" It's just a natural thing in December. Of course everyone thinks that Snow shouldn't come until the day before Christmas. Pooh on them! Any time after December 1 and before December 5 is good by me.
So with that said. If you don't like the snow we are having (and any of you who are reading this and aren't from the Northeast will not understand) you can blame it completely on me because I wished for it. As for anyone who might be in the Northwest. Don't blame me for your weather. I didn't wish for that. Someone else who is having a birthday wished for that one.
And for those who are in the Southeast and Southwest who aren't worrying too much about this weather, just which short sleeve shirt you are going to wear tomorrow, I hope that maybe some time before Christmas you will be blessed with a snow storm like ours.

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Rural Writer said...

I also was in a snowy state of mind. My blog for Tuesday talked about what educators do/don't do to try to ensure that a possible snow day does, in fact, become a snow day.