Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Excitement in the air!

I did it!
I really never thought I would do it, but I have successfully written my story. Okay so it's only the rough draft and there is a lot that I have to do to make it readable, but still the fact that I finished this story after almost three years of trying to write it. It's just amazing.
I normally put things off and never finish them, but this summer when my friends from my Writers conference encouraged me to finish writing the story I knew I had to try. So I made the goal of December 31. Now I will just put it way for a few weeks, actually until after the New Year, before I will read it on paper, find mistakes, put discriptions in there places, clean up the conversations. I am really bad with conversations for some reason. They sometimes feel forced.
So anyway. Here I am finished with a story and let me tell you I feel great about it. You should try this sometime. You might be suprised at how awesome it feels to set a goal and get it done.
I'll keep you posted as to how to comes along. My next big goal is to have it completed by July and the Writers Conference. I will probably make myself littler goals in between now and then.

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