Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Searching for a special Christmas Present

I have decided to give myself a Christmas Present this year.
Now before you go laughing at me or telling me that I am crazy or something like that let me tell you a little about what I am about to do.
First of all I am going to tell you a story.
About Fifteen years ago (man that makes me feel old) give or take a year or so I became best friends with a girl who was very much like me. We thought a like in a lot of different ways. We loved everything for playing Murder Mystery (our own made up game) to Tigers. Silly thing is we both decided on a career in writing.
One day my friend and I decided to become sisters. My brother wanted to be in on the action so the three of us put our bare feet in a puddle of water and proclaimed each other siblings. Mud Siblings for Life!
My friend and I even promised each other that no matter what happened in our lives and we grew apart we would find each other and be in each others weddings. What did we really know we were 12, 13 years old?
Then it happened! As is the call of many pastors and their families they were called to another church. What devistated me was the fact that she moved to a totally different state leaving me behind. Then when she moved to Florida it was even worse. We had both become teenagers and were really bad at writing letters. Then I moved. And we lost contact with each other.
I never forgot her. She was always on my mind. I would tell people about my Best Friend from way back and say how much fun we had together. I even went so far as to ask people who had been near wear she lived if they had ever heard of her or her family before, one person thought the name sounds familiar, but nothing positive.
Then the other night I was really inspired when I discovered that you can pretty much find anyone on the web. So I tried and wouldn't you believe I hit the jackpot. There was a face of a woman that looked so much like the 14 year old girl I had a picture of. She was doing something so similar to what I was doing I couldn't believe it. It was amazing to me. I made for sure that she was my long lost mud sister. I had no doubts about it when I was done.
Now I am about to send a very special letter to her. And pray that it will be a really neat Christmas present for her and for me.
Odd isn't it. When you're little you don't really think a whole lot about what is going to happen to you or your friends when you grow up. You know what you are going to be when you grow up and you assume everyone is going to grow up with you and you will never lose contact with them. You never realize the people you miss until you really start naming them off. I still think about a lot of different friends I had and wonder what has happened to them. All the way back to Kindergarten I had friends that I think about and pray that they are alright. Maybe it is just my nature. I don't really know. I don't really think that I am the only in this world that does that either. I hope not because then I would feel weird.
But one thing is for sure I hope this is the year I gain back a friend I never wanted to lose in the first place.

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