Monday, December 10, 2007

Snowmen introductions

I have several new snowmen this year. As a matter of fact I am expecting some new ones to be coming in very soon. I did well this year, I only had to buy three. The rest of them were either given to me or in the case of my very first one of the season I bought some Christmas Presents and got a snowman free.
The three that I bought are a family of snowmen with rhinestones on them. A small tag along I got for my birthday looks just like them except it is smaller. My very first one I got this year is a Hallmark Ornament. A very cute one that I got free because I bought my nieces Christmas Presents at Hallmark. I got a snowman head that sings Jingle Bells and lights up. The rest are on their way. They just haven't made it off the kitchen table of the person who is supposed to give them to me yet and into the car. Once I have all of them I will take a picture of my entire collection.
I have 19 now. 20 if you call the salt and pepper shakers seperate snowmen. My only real concern is were I am going to find room to put them at the end of the Winter season, because yes I don't think snowmen are just a Christmas decoration. I keep them up until Easter. My Hope chest is offically full with room to stuff only the smallest of things in it. I have had to resort to my barrel from school I brought home with me.
SO I know talking about my snowmen collection is deveating me from my recent inspirations, but that's ok. Snowmen still remind me of snow and winter and Christmas.
As a matter of fact as I am sitting here thinking, I have started to ponder on snow. I know a lot of people don't really like snow because it's cold and it means that you can't go outdoors as much, but Think about snow for a moment.
Isn't it a beautiful thing? I am sure I have mentioned snow before and the beauty I see in it. The sparkle from the sun after a fresh layer has fallen. The clean whitness of it. The clean smell it leaves in the air.
Snow really is an amazing thing. All it is is frozen shavings of water. Really. It isn't really frozen water because frozen water is ice. No it is shavings. Every one of these little shavings has a different size and shape then the next one. It can come in all kinds of forms. Big, Small, Clumped together, tiny little ball like things that look like styrofoam. It can come down just as soft as you please or it can come down so hard you can't see more than your hands in front of you and sometimes not even that. And yet inspite of it's smallness you can make things out of it. Snowmen for one, snowballs, snow forts, igloos, Amazing sculptures. It also has the amazing properties of insolation. It keeps plants covered from the winter frost and can save a persons life by keeping him warm if he buries himself in it (and it's wet and cold too). It has nutrients in it that for some reason regular rain doesn't have that helps the plants grow in the spring. It can make the ugliest landscape sparkle with little diamonds and it provides water where there isn't any. You can go skiing, sleding, boarding, sliding on snow and not care if you get wet.
And to top it all off snow is just a reminder of what God can do for a person who has excepted Christ as His Savior. He can wash away all of their sins and make his heart as white as freshly fallen snow.
Now isn't snow beautiful?

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