Thursday, January 04, 2007

The New Chair

I am very excited to announce the Arrival of the new Chair. It

has beautiful fake black leather. And it has arms. Unlike our old one that had no arms and looked as if it was going to fall apart when you leaned back into it. I have been trying to remember when we got the old chair. If any one knows what year Jamesway went out of business then I would be able to tell you when we got that one. My family bought it for me for school that year and when we got it home we discovered a part broken on it. When we went back the next day we were told we couldn't exchange it because they had declared bankrupcy the day before. The guy snuck us a part from another chair so that we would have the part.

For those of you who are interested and I know of at least one, we got the new Chair at Staples. :)

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Rural Writer said...

I need a chair like that one. I sit on a hard dining roon chair we have in the "office," as long as we have no extra guests and need the chair out there.