Tuesday, January 16, 2007

God's Snow Globe

I woke up this morning to a wonderful site. Beautiful blue-white snow falling softly to the earth. It was soft and fluffy and not heavy and wet. Much better for making snowangels rather than snowballs.
When I got to work I heard someone say that the world looked like a snow globe that someone shook. And throughout the day I realized that it really did look like a snow globe outside. We would have heavy snowfall for several hours followed by the snow stopping and the sun coming out for about ten to fifteen minutes before it would start snowing again.
It really did look like God was shaking up the world and then watching the beautiful snowflakes fall to the earth before shaking it up again.
We were blessed by the beautiful snow here. In other places not far away people have no electricity and a half inch of ice on their trees and wires. We have a little ice put not much.
No matter what people say or think about the snow I still love the first real snow storm. We have been blessed this year with less snowfall then normal, but it is still good to have the snow. People are already complaining about not wanting the snow, but I really don't think they understand what it would be like here in the winter without the snow. Maybe it's just me I don't know, but I am ever so thankful for those tiny blue white dimonds in God's snow globe that is glistening outside my window.

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