Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Long Lost... License?

So it all started about a year ago when I went to help another store set up for its grand opening at the end of January. It was a cold snowy week and at one point I really thought I would get stuck in the snow. But of course that did not happen and I happily made it home in one piece.
It happened not too long after that that I discovered I had lost my drivers license. I couldn't find it anywhere. I looked everywhere in my house and at my own store finally giving up hope of ever seeing it again. Ireally knew deep down someone may have stollen it from me. I finally broken down and got a new license. I was personally tired of walking or hitching a ride to work.
I spent about $20 on a new license resigned to the fact that I would never see my old license again and promptly forgot about it.
Until Yesterday . . ..
I came in to work yesterday and I was talking to my manager when she said "Oh, remember when you lost your license last year?"
First off she wasn't my manager at that time so what she said startled me. Second of all it has been almost a year since it happened and I had all but forgotten about it other than a few fleeting moments the day before when my license looked as if it would fall out of my wallet. (Strange)
"Ya, that was like a year ago though." I replied.
"Well they have had it at ...(The place where I helped set up the store) all this time and John P. (the quality control manager) had told them to send it to you, but just found out they never had and is sending it to you in the mail."
"You're kidding, right?"
What a blessing that was!
All this time I figured someone else had it and I might have had Personal ID theft and my credit rating would never be the same all my life and it was in a nice safe place where God was protecting it from harmful theives.
Isn't it amazing how God works when we least expect it?

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