Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Vetern's Day

I know Veterns day was this past weekend, but I just felt the need to honor all those from my family who were or are in the military.
My family has been part of the military for as long as history records them. They started out as personal knights of the King of England and continue to serve their homeland today. Since coming to the US we have been all the major wars, French and Indian, Revolution, Civil, WWI AND II, Korean, Vitenam, Gulf War, and todays Iraqi War.
I think for me I am the most proud of my grandfather who served as a fireman for the Coast Guard during WWII. Although he was not in the middle of the fight he helped to watch over the Eastern Coast line in case of intruders.
I am also proud of my two cousins Chad and Logan for their willingness to fight in the Iraqi War. Logan is already there and Chad will be following his little brother soon.
Although some may not feel that this war is right we should still have a desire to pray for and encourage all of the men and women who are putting thier lives at risk for the lives of others in another country.
Remember to pray for them everyday. They need all the prayers they can get.

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