Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Vacation and a Becoming a Crazy Christian for Christ

I just got back yesterday from a nice weekend off. I went to Katiann's birthday party on Saturday and stayed at my Grandmother's house until Monday. I haven't slept in my grandmother's house in several years and I always wondered why it was. Now I know. During the entire time I was there Grandma did nothing but complain about what I ate. Of course yesterday she couldn't complain because we had corn on the cob and you know how much I like to eat that. And the house was so cold I am suprised that my figers didn't fall off.
But even so I guess I have to admit that I was glad I got to stay. Grandma will be 92 on her next birthday and you would never really know that she was that old just by taking a quick glance at her. She is so energetic and independent that sometimes she can leave you in the dust wondering what just happened.
Of course by now you all know that Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter was killed. I was personally sad about that because I thought he was a very interesting man. I was watching a documentary on him from way back in 2000 last night and one thing I realized about him was the fact that he had such a passion for wildlife conservation. Yes I know he did a lot of crazy things, but he was always aware of what he was doing. He wasn't stupid and he wasn't cocky like most people thought he was. He just wanted people to know.
I was amazed at the passion he had and thought "What if Christian's had the same kind of passion for Christ as Steve had for Wildlife?"
I mean really. Think about it. Would we be willing to be called crazy just because of the things that we said or did for Christ? I know I would be totally out of my comfort zone that's for sure. Would we be willing to throw ourselves to "the Crocodiles" just to show Christ to others? I highly doubt it. I know when I am at work I try to stay as quiet about everything as I can, but maybe I should be getting into the water with some of them and tried to pull them out.
Again I am doing my normal rambling and you are seeing just a little bit of what goes on it that crazy head of mine. But it sure is worth a thought.

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