Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tornados in the House!

The storm started on Monday. Papers, Books, and everything that might be caught by a whirlewind of fingers and teeth were tacked down or hidden away. Tuesday came in a rush. Everything was cleaned and ready for the tornado to blow in. First game the attack of the toys. They showed up EVERYWHERE. The big car, the toy box, the basket, the balls. The invation had begun.
My tiny room was attacked by a large matteress in the middle of the floor with only inches to walk around in it.
When the storm finally blow in there were two sets of tiny foot falls Running around in the house.
It was a double Whammy that it hard, toys were thrown underfoot and clothes of every color where scattered from room to room.
It was the attack of the sister tornados. :)
In other words. My nieces and their parents are here for a few days.

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