Monday, September 25, 2006

The Five Senses of the Seasons Part I

Okay Close your eyes for a moment. What season is it?
Sounds like a strange question doesn't it?
I was walking down the sidewalk the other day and realized that it is Autumn. And it wasn't because I could see that it was Autumn. Then I got to thinking about how God uses every sense to tell you what the season is.
To prove what I mean I am going to tell you what I have been thinking about.
Because it is Fall I'll start with that.
Fall happens to be one of my favorite season and has become even more so since I don't have to worry about going back to school.
When we think of Fall we normally think of sight. The look of the leaves as they change from green to billiant reds and orange and yellows and purples. It's like God dipped His fingers in the paint and had fun.
We also think of Feeling. The feel of the weather as it begins to cool down, the feel of the wind as it blows briskly into your bundled up face.
Not only can we feel the wind and see the leaves changing, but we can hear the wind in the trees has it russles the leaves. The sound of a leaf as it floats down from the top of a tree. Or the crunch of the leaves as you walk through them.
Go outside and take a big wiff. Smell that? There is no other smell like it. It's a mix of cooling air, drying leaves and chimney smoke. Maybe the word is pungnant.
I had to think about taste for awhile, but even that is easy. The taste of fresh Vegetables or even that sweet taste of just ripened apples. There's nothing like crunching into a juicy apple right off the branch or the first taste of Apple cider.

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