Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I just realized something tonight. I can be very petty. I can get mad about the stupidest things and never think twice about it. I got mad this week about something I should never have gotten mad at because I am somehow holding a grudge against someone who offended me three years ago. It's amazing to discover just how much of us can get stuck on things that we should really wipe off like a snowflake or a fly.
It kind of reminds me of the story of Mary and Martha. Martha was so worried about having everything just right that she got upset about a little petty thing, Mary wasn't helping. Although I can't fault Martha for wanting to set a nice table, she was wrong because listening to what the Lord Jesus said was much more important at that time. She could have eaten or even had a dinner party at any time, but at that very moment the Master was at her house and she needed to be attentive to him.
It also draws me back to the story about David and Saul. One of the most exciting stories about them while David is running was the story about when David and his men hid in a cave and Saul and his men camped in the same cave for the night. In the morning Saul discovered a piece of his robe missing and is spear stuck in the ground right next to him. (and another time David stole something for Saul) Both times David realized just how petty he was to taunt the King. David knew that even though he had been choosen by God to be the next King, Saul at the time was still king and not only should David respect the king, but he also knew that he shouldn't rush God's timing.
We Christians get mad over so many petty things and it amazes me just how much we don't see. We get mad because someone said or did something that offended us or mad us upset. I think many times it is because we see weaknesses in our lives and we don't want to meet our faults looking us straight in our faces.
Maybe if I am willing to face me weaknesses I will be able to love others the way God wants me to and look past the faults of others and be willing to correct my mistakes.

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