Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Scrambled Eggs

I have been thinking for several days on what I wanted to write about in my blog, but nothing really seemed fitting. I thought about talking about the up coming wedding, but that really is still in the planning stages and my brother hasn't reveal completely everything on that yet. I even thought about talking about the war, but I have to many thoughts about that one that could make people angery So I will stay away from that one. I even thought about comparing Washington and President Bush. I still might someday. I even thought about writing what I had heard about Mummification and that fact that Egyptians would actually raise and kill cats to sell as mummies. But the mummification process is Way to gross.
Then I said to myself, "Well today is the anniversary of Katrina and I could say something about that", but what could I say that has not already been said except they are not the only ones hit by hurricanes and they got on with thier lives without complaining so get on with life.
But everything I thought about writing just didn't sound that interesting.
But today I had an interesting conversation with someone about my brother and his upcoming marriage and how he found Heather on Eharmony. And I told the person that people have been pushing me to find "the one". He told me something that I really already knew about, but sometimes need to be reminded. He told me to not hurry things. It is better to take your time and be sure that "the one" is whom God wants for you life. And I was reminded of something very special. Now I don't know how special this is going to sound to some of you, but for me it has always meant a lot. Ever since I can remember, when my parents prayed, either as a family or during bedtime devotions while I was growing up, they prayed for me. Now Lots of parents pray for their children "God bless our children and may they grow up to serve you, Amen." My parents weren't like that. My parents prayed that I would serve God yes, but they also prayed for someone whom they had never met, My Husband. Here I am five, six years and they are praying for my Husband. It always and still does amaze me that my parents would pray for me in that way and not only that, but that God is even now answering those prayers that my parents prayed Even 20 years ago.
I have to remind myself so often that God knows who I am going to marry. When I was born God looked down on me and said, "Ah, Alicia is one of mine and she is going to someday marry . . . , but first her parents will spend many hours in prayer for them and she is going to worry, and cry and have to deal with people pushing her, but when the time comes I will bring them together."
And then and only then will it be a match made in Heaven.

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