Thursday, August 03, 2006

Corn on the Cob and Living By Faith

I had my third meal of corn on the cob today. Most of you probably don't really care, but I thought it was good. You may not know that the only vegetable that I like to really eat is corn on the cob. (Of course that is not to say I won't eat tomato sauce on my pizza.)
This year I plan on savoring every bite because I may not get much this year. So many crops in this area were damaged to the point of no return and corn is a big crop around this area. I was talking to the lady where I bought the corn from today and she said they were blessed that mosst the floods and nasty rain missed us completely. Even with the several days of major heat and humidity didn't affect the crops. The peaches looked and smelled good and the lady said that even they were really good.
I thought of the fact that so many people no longer have an income this year because everything was wiped out by floods not to mention they may not even have homes. But no matter what they will continue on and those who trust God will see awesome things happen.
I have been reading about Elijah and Elisha lately and both of them found widows that had nothing at all and when the prophets asked the women to give everything they had they did it. Of course the women thought they would die or in the case of one her sons would be taken away, they were blessed because they trusted God to take care of them no matter what.
I wish I had as much faith as those women did. Most often I complain or worry about getting enough hours at work so that I can pay my school bills. But I have yet to be in want of the money to pay. Amazing!
Maybe corn on the cob is better than even I thought.

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