Monday, August 14, 2006

Secret Revealed

Okay I have been given permission to reveal the long awaited news. My brother has asked his girlfriend to marry him and she said YES!
I am so excited about the whole thing to the point where I was gnawing at the bit to blog it. I am very happy for Clifford and Heather. The Wedding is going to be in Boston on May 12. Poor Cliff was going through names of people that he is going to ask and is pretty sure will come. He personally had almost 80 just on his list and that wasn't including Heather's guests.
I have always wanted to go to Boston and now I have the opportunity to go. How cool is that! I am hoping that maybe, just maybe there will be time to do a little site seeing before the wedding. That would be so much fun. I would really like to go to the place where the Mass Bay Colony was so that I could connect with my family heritage.
Anyway. I just had to tell all tonight because my fingers were itching and I did promise that I would tell all as soon as I was allowed to. Secrets really are fun, but not when it can be some of the best news ever.

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