Monday, August 07, 2006


Have you ever had a secret that you wished you could tell, but if you did the punishment could be "death"? Well I have one of those secrets. Of course once I am given the go ahead It will be plastered all over this blog.
Did you ever have secrets when you were a kid? I had lots of them. Secrets such as my secret hiding spot. There was a place that I loved to go with my flash light and just sit there and no one could find me. It was in a little cubby hole in the downstairs closet under the stairs. It was one of the best hiding place I could find. No one ever suspected me of being there.
Or the secret dream world I would be in while doing my school work. I was the daughter of a shierf. I did all my school work at the jail house and helped put criminals away including the man who had murdered my mother. I wore cowboy boats, I loved to ride horses, I even had my own horse and cat (later it changed to a Jack Russel Terrier), and I also had an annoying brother. When I got into highschool I fell in love with the cutest boy in town. Just wished that dream world was true there.
I even had secret money hidden away. Do you know how fun it is to put 5 maybe 10 dollars in a special place only to find it again five years later still there?
Everyone has secret thoughts that they don't want anyone else to know about. Some people may have secret thoughts where they only let their best friends know. Secrets are so hard to keep secret that if you aren't careful you could be telling the secret that you were told was a secret. That's when that crazy situation gets even crazier.
Sometimes, though, Secrets aren't meant to be kept silent. Watched a movie on Sunday called Speak. It was about a girl that had a very dark secret that she kept to herself for a year. They thought maybe she was on drugs or something. They weren't really sure. She hardly ever talked and kept closed in. Finally through her art teacher and drawing, the girl was able to face her secret and reveal to her friends and family that she had been raped. It was an amazing thought to think that people around us that act "wierd" may have secrets like that. Secrets that need to be told and not doing so.
Even with that said I am very thankful for secrets. As a matter of fact I am very thankful for my secret. The secret that will be revealed in time because it makes me a very happy person.

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