Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thinking about Joseph

When we think of the Christmas story we think of Mary, the Shephards, the Angels, the Wisemen and even Jesus himself, there is a very important person that we miss when we name off everyon. I mean we don't miss him, he's there, but I don't think I have ever heard his story before.
If you were Joseph what would you think of all the things that went on?
Here Joseph was preparing a home for his betrothed Mary. As a carpenter he loved to work with his hands. He probably worked night and day making things for their little house to be. Then he hears that Mary is home from visiting her cousins. He runs to see her and realizes she is pregnant. How could she do this to him? Thinking she had been with another man, he has the right to divorce her and even stone her.
All of his friends are calling on him to stone her, but dispite it all he desides that maybe he should do everything quietly. He loved Mary and inspite of the fact that she had done this to him, he still loved her.
I wonder how many nights Joseph was wake in his carptenry shop working at this project or that trying to work through his feelings. How many days people would come to him and tell him he needed to deal with Mary.
How about when the angel came to him in his dream? What did he think or feel? He must have been horribly afraid and maybe even a little confused. Why was it that God had picked his Mary for this task. For that matter why had God picked him For this task? I wonder if he got up after the angel left him and started to carve or plain something. I wonder if he paced up and down in his shop wondering if the dream was real or not.
When he finally went to see Mary and tell her that he had an angel speak to him in a dream relief to know that Mary really had been unfaithful to him must have shown on his face.
It couldn't have been easy for Joseph any more than it was not easy for Mary. People probably stared and talked behind both of their backs. Joseph must have wanted to protect Mary all he could, but when the call came to be taxed in the city of their family, Joseph must have had a hard time debating on whether he could get away with not taking Mary.
When he finally realized he couldn't leave Mary behind, he must have made sure they had everything they would need incase something should happen on the way.
Or what about his stuggle to find a place for Mary to have her baby? In desperation he went from inn to inn to house to house looking for anything. And when all he could find was a animal shelter I wonder if he was thinking about how he wished had something better, or if he was just relieved that Mary could finally have the baby.
Whatever the case with Joseph's story and the fact that the last time we hear about him is when Jesus was 12, I can just imagian as Mary gave birth to Jesus and Joseph held that baby in his arms for the first time he must have felt joy, pride, praise, exilhiration, fear, reverance, shear panic as he held his Messiah in his arms and realized that God had choosen him to be the earthly father of the Savior of the World. As a new parent fears to let anything happen to their tiny child, it must have been doubly true for Joesph becuase he knew that he had a task before him to bring this child up ready to do whatever it was God, His (Jesus) Father wanted him to do.
Wow that really brings Joseph unto a whole new light.

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