Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day!

Nothing irritates me more than when someone says that to me. Just like when someone tells me Happy Holidays or Merry Xmas. It sticks under my craw like a pebble in a shoe.
People are so set on changing things from what they should be that they take the emphasis off what is important and put it on something that is petty.
And today I am going to dedicate this one to all the petty people who wished me Happy Turkey Day.
Thanksgiving over the years has really changed. Because it is one of the only uncommercilized holidays it happens to be my favorite Holidays. It also has nothing to do with Turkey's. As a matter of fact I would be sure that Venison was probably the main meat and not turkey so why is it not really called Deer day or Venison day. Easy Turkey just tastes better.
Unfortunately people have forgotten what Thanksgiving is all about just as they have forgotten what Christmas is all about.
So I am going to tell you a secret that is no longer in public school history books because of being politically correct.
Thanksgiving wasn't about football and parades when it first happened. No as a matter of fact football didn't exist and the only parade they probably saw were the Natives and the Pilgrim Men coming back with food from the hunt. Sorry no balloons there!
The Seperatists (they weren't puritins at the time) felt that they need to leave England and the church because they did not believe the same as the church of England. The church had started to rule them, telling them what they could and could not do. So they left. First going to Holland, but soon percecution followed them. At last they decided that it was time for the new world. Of course many adventurers wanted to go along as well so after a lot of trouble and several false starts and going from two ships to one ( a ship that was too small for the amount of people) they headed for a new world and Jamestown. Only a wind blew them completely off course and they ended up near what is not Massachusettes. By that time sickness had hit, killing many on board. They landed and a search party was sent out, but the land was found to be inhospitable. That wasn't all. It was getting cold and because of all the false starts they had summer was over and fall had set in. Little did they know that they were also being watched as they stole corn from burial grounds to feed the starving people.
When they finally landed on the ground that they felt sutable they all gathered together and gave thanks to God.
But that is not the end of the story for you see that winter because it was cold, and people were sick, and they were also starving only a small handful of them were left over. And yet that Spring when the ship left they continued on, making friends with the Indians there and learning their ways. More families came over and together with the Indians they were able to plant food and hunt game and fish.
And five years after they had landed, they did not sit around a big table with the Indians to thank each other for all that had taken place. Indeed not.
Instead they gathered around probably on many tables and even on the ground with family and friends and yes play games and have compition afterward, to thank the One they knew to be their Salvation. The one they knew had helped them through those long tough days of starvation, disease and death. God himself.
And yet all we can think about today is turkey and football. How foolish we have all become for getting our Creator and protector for everything he has done for us.
And so I want to wish to you a very Happy Thanksgiving and remember to wish everyone what they should rightfully be wished.
A Very Happy Thanksgiving.

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