Saturday, October 04, 2008

Okay Okay! I'm writing in my blog!

I really still am here. I haven't gone anywhere. I am still alive and kicking in the wonderful wide open space of Texas.
As a matter of fact the President is supposed to be going past the house at any time now. We just saw a helicopter flying the route and we are waiting to see if Air force 1 has landed yet or not.
Hey that's what I get for living in the home town of the President. What can I say!?
The reason I haven't written in my blog in a while is because I haven't really had much to say. Life has been pretty normal.
Every day I drive Reagan to work and stay their the entire day and read, write, and look for a job. No job yet. I am able to drive around a lot better than I did when I first got my car. Road are looking familiar to me now.
I am an official Texan now. I received my driver's licence in the mail yesterday. That was pretty exciting.
I have been to a Symphony since I have been here. That was pretty neat. I met the man who taught Reagan how to play the trumpet. Cool!
I have been to several Football games. Okay I understand football a lot better now. Doesn't mean that I enjoy watching it, but at least I know what is going on when I have to watch it.
I have learned where the best Milkshake in town is and I have also found out where the best place to eat is. Yeah Cracker Barrel!
Last week the ladies of the family went to a craft show and then ate out. It was a girls day out! Then Reagan and I had our pictures taken around the city in which the mosquitoes found me and ate me alive. I have never had so much problem with mosquitoes. I guess they like my hand lotion. We came to that conclusion when we went for a walk last night and I was wearing the lotion and got eaten alive again.
As to the wedding plans in case anyone was interested. We are working on Registries, musicians, and photographers. There is still a lot to be done so your prayers are much appreciated. We are also still trying to get our house. We have the house, we are just having problems getting the loan. Prayer there is wonderful, too.
Okay because you are all forcing me to write in my blog and am going to gloat. While all of you in the East are preparing for winter and watching the mercury fall in the thermometers, I enjoyed a nice cool day of about 90 degrees yesterday. Okay so the mornings are cool and I have to wear my Orange Texas Longhorns hoodie, but by the afternoon I am sweating and in need of air conditioning.
Next week we will be celebrating Reagan's birthday. He has is birthday off so we may be going on a road trip, it all depends on houses and whether Alicia thinks she can drive 5 hours in one day and still feel awake enough to celebrate when she get back. We see.
Come see me sometime. I would love you to see this amazing state where you can sit in a field and see stars you didn't know were even in the sky or stand on a small hill and see 30 miles away. Or for that matter drive toward the city at night and see the beautiful twinkling of the city lights. I have to say that although I miss my mountains, the sights I see in Texas are amazing!


Barb said...

Your public thanks you!

Peggy said...

It sounds to me as if you are settling right in! I envy you (in a good way!) for being able to go the symphony and foot ball games! I kind of like football, now that I know what's going on :-) Had no clue when we moved here, but since Billy was in the marching band that played at 1/2 time, I figured I would go and learn and ended up knowing kids who played. I'd like to go again this fall, but my Fridays are filling up!

The weather here has been perfect and the colors are magnificent! I don't enny your weather yet (that 'envy' is in a bad way!) but I'm sure come February when I want "it" to go away, I'll be thinking of you!

Prayers continue, of course!