Sunday, June 08, 2008

A Week of Cruising- Monday

Monday was a pretty slow day. We didn't do a whole lot other than get to know the ship and try to balance ourselves out with the rocking of the ship.
After a good nights sleep, Laura and I had a good Breakfast. I had French Toast with Blueberries and Bacon. Yummy!

Raffles Court Quickly became Our favorite place to sit and watch the water go by. In the distance we could see ships and freights and once in a while a little glimpse of land. Because it was Memorial Day everyone was out enjoying the beautiful weather. It was clear and sunny with only a few wisps of clouds in the sky.
Around 10 we went to the Starlight Theater where we learned about Shop when we went on Land Excursions. Free stuff is so much fun!

After that we went out to the side of the ship and spent several hours just enjoying looking at the water. It's amazing the things you see when you are in the middle of the ocean! One of our really fun games that we played was exclaiming over the beautiful color of the water. Depending on where you were depended on what color the water was. It went from a dark blue all the way to a light green color. The water that was pushed away from the side of the ship as it cut through the water was a sea foam color. It was green and yet it was white.
Deck 7 had a walk way on it that went all the way around the deck. Many times you would see people taking a morning, afternoon, and evening stroll. It was the perfect place for it, too.
Our first big surprise for the day consisted of Flying fish. Honestly there really are flying fish in this picture, but you might have to find a way to make the picture bigger to see them.
They were everywhere! Most of the time we would see them jump in groups of two or three, but once in a while we would see a huge school of them. Some jumped several feet. I don't know what the real name of them are, but they were still cool.
We also saw strange yellow stuff floating on the water. I came to the conclusion that it was either sea weed or sea grass. The closer we got to warmer weather, the more we saw this stuff.
We even saw way off in the distance what we believe to be a Dolphin pod of about 20 or so Dolphins.
After lunch we found some deck chairs and made ourselves comfortable.
On the ship we could do anything we wanted at any time. That night we dressed up, went to the Blue Lagoon, which was the only other time we went somewhere else to eat other than Raffles. Every night a professional photographer took pictures for anyone who wanted them. Laura and I had ours done to the back drop of the bow of the ship with a sunset. That was fun!
That night we had a traditional addiction that we continued every night there after. Watching the Sun set.

Of all the pictures I took half of them were of sunsets. Every night they were different then the night before and everyone just as beautiful.
At 10 PM we decided to have a movie night, so we headed off to deck 7 once again where they were showing National Treasure, Book of Secrets. That was a lot of fun! There was a couple already in the room when we got there and we had about 10 minutes before the movie started. We proceeded to joke around about needing stools to put our feet on, slaves to massage our feet and popcorn. We didn't get any of it of course, but it was still fun pretending. We had a great time.
By midnight when the movie was over Laura and I were ready to fall into bed. And Let me side note here to say that I so wanted to take the pillows on my bed home with me. They were so comfortable.
I also realized why so many people who came over to America on the bottom of the ships were so seasick. The rocking of the ship was amazingly strong and it took me a while to get to sleep because me head was spinning.
But the great thing was a fell asleep and stayed asleep all night.

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