Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Seeing through new eyes.

Tomorrow I am going to do something that I have wanted to do for a very long time. I am about to change my looks.
Since I was a young teen I have been wearing a piece of wire and glass around my face that we call glasses. Seeing as I am nearsighted, glasses have been a very important part of my life. Whenever I would break my glasses I was unable to do much of anything at all. I can't see much of anything without it being very fuzzy.
But the time has come for me to put down those glasses and try for some new eyes. At last I am about to get contacts.
As you know I have a tendency to take something that I am doing and apply a Biblical truth to it. I have been thinking about it and I think I have come up with an interesting one.
Many people go through life without ever going to the eye doctors. Some because they don't like doctors, but many because they either don't have one in their area or they just don't have the money. They go throughout their lives without ever knowing that if they could just get glasses they would be able to see their world around them much clearer and sharper then ever before.
Again some chose to do this and others don't have the ability.
Then there are those who have glasses and they think they can see the world sharply and can see fine until one day they go to the eye doctor's and discover their eyes and glasses are no longer compatable. As soon as their new pair of glasses are sitting on their noses they realize all the little things that they had been missing because their eyes had changed.
The unsaved are like those without glasses. There are those people who know about the Spiritual Eye doctor, but they are too afraid or don't want to be bothered and so they go on in life never letting the spiritual eye doctor treat them for their eye diseases or with a pair of glasses that will help them see clearly. Then there are those people who have never heard of the Spiritual eye doctor or they may have heard of him in passing, but have no opportunity to find out more because there is no one there to tell them.
When these people finally come in contact with the Eye Doctor, their eyes are opened to the world and their focus is so much clearer and sharper then they ever imagined.
But that is not all. Christians can be represented as the ones with glasses. When they first got their glasses they could see clearly. Their lives were changed because they realized what they had been missing without them. But as all of us who where glasses knows, your eyes change. For Christians, their eyes change not because they are getting worse, but because their focus in life has changed. The more a Christian matures, the more they will need to look beyond were they are standing or living and see that there is more to life then their own box. Allowing the Great Eye Doctor to change the perscription for your glasses is the key to doing His will. Sometimes too our glasses become clouded and that is when we need to take them off and clean them. Sometimes they get broken and have to be repaired. Sometimes they just become bent and start to slip off of our faces. That is when we take them to the Dr. and he fixes them.
Tomorrow I go to the eye doctors for a new set of "eyes". And although my eyes have gotten better and not worse, I knew that I am soon going to be able to see more clearly around me. And even more so my eyes won't be hindered by the wire rims that frame my face.
I hope too that as I go daily to my Spritual Eye Doctor's for my eye exam (daily devotions), I will constantly have my spiritual eyes focused on the world around me and their need for the Great Eye Doctor.

With eyes I see
Through Glasses dim,
While the world around me wanders.

I do not see
What's so near to me,
For my eyes are darkly covered.

My friends in need
Hearts sadly breaking,
There appears no way to recover.

At last it seems
When all is lost,
My eyes are then uncovered.

Now I see,
What I missed before.
So clearly everything hovers that

Before this I never saw.
I'm here, I'll help.
Please tell me where to start.

Lord, give me sight,
So I can see,
Looking through my new eyes.

Copyright Alicia Westcott 2008

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