Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Exciting News!

It has just come to my ears that some very special friends of my family's is coming to see us on Friday. I am very excited because I haven't seen them in several years. The girls are like little sisters to me and I look very much forward to seeing them after all of this time.
Of course I have to work on that day, but that is okay. Purhaps if I do it right I will be able to get out of work early. OF course then it would mess up my time for the week so maybe not, but as long as they come see me at work I will be very happy to see them.
I can't wait to see you, Erbs!


Barb said...

Hey Alicia! Sorry we didn't get to see you more...such a short visit. We were thrilled we were able to fit in the time we did spend with all of you.If your mom and dad come visit us as they will have to come too!

Love ya!

Peggy said...

Did you have a grand time with the "little" Erbs? Tall, aren't they? Even Macaela who I thought would never be big :-) We don't see them often but we read their blog regularly ... make sure you read it real soon if you haven't in a few days .... a real eye opener!

Prayers continue! Almost cruise time!